Company overview

Company name Information Task Force Co.,Ltd.
Founded Feb 2001
Capital 40 million yen
President & CEO Hisao Takeuchi - Profile - (facebook)
Headcount 72 (as Jan 2013)
Partner companies 22 (as Jan 2013)
Our Costomer NTT Corporation
NTT DoCoMo Corporation
DoCoMo Systems, Inc.
DoCoMo Support, Inc.
DoCoMo Mobile, Inc.
NTT Comware Inc.
KDDI Corporation
KDDI R&D, Inc.
TV Bank, Inc.
NEC Corporation
NEC Communication Systems, Ltd.
GREE, Inc.
Japan Cable Laboratories
Location of HQ Aruka bldg. 6F, 2-13-19 Ginza, Chuou-ku, Tokyo, 1040061 Japan(Access map
TEL +81-3-3542-8880
FAX +81-3-3542-8887
Business Software development
IT Service provider
Human resource service

President & CEO profile

Hisao Takeuchi, founder of Information Task Force, grew up Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan.

When he was a student of Meiji University had been addicted to music. After graduating from University, Hisao Takeuchi began working as a programmer for Software Industrial Co.,LTD. He raised involvement in various development projects, and it built up his engineering skills. After that, he assigned to Proposal-based sales division, then he became a Director of sales division.

Then in 2001, Hisao Takeuchi spin out Software Industrial Co., LTD., then he founded Information Task Force Co.,LTD. He has a variety of hobbies of activities. Especially, he is known as underwater photographer of professional grade.

We ensure high quality customer service

  • We make an effort to improve our technical skills for our customers.
  • We always strive for the satisfaction of our customers.
  • With our customers, we create the future of our customers.

Advanced IT Service & Hot products We always aim at the forefront of the newest technology.

mission1: Consulting Services

We are challenging to develop new products and business models that incorporate new technology that has been developed.We are good at consulting service with concepts and ideas that are based on the IT technology.

iforce Consulting Services

We work hard in the following areas:

  • Work to commercialize prototype and come up with new services.
  • Work to commercialize new technologies tied to the new business model.
  • Project Management,work to rebuild the project is likely to occur troubles.
  • Contracted development,add any suggestions.
  • Development the WEB system in super express,(e.g. Campaign web site for new mobile phone).
  • Development the Android apps and iOS apps.
  • Development of any cloud systems.


Project title Summary
IPTV-STB We developed 4models IPTV-STB for a major telecommunication carrier companies. And we have developed an application software for them.
(e.g. Channel recommend apps,VOD recommend apps,Auto recording apps)
WiFi offload sytem We developed TR-069 ACS monitoring system and WiFi router for "Offload strategy" of telecommunication companies.
Huge Electronic commerce WEB site We produced EC website for major telecommunication company.100000 people every day to visit this EC website.
New model smartphone campaign We planed Web-Promotion strategies and produced web sites for new model smartphones (Android,iPhone).These tasks must be developed in a very short time.
Music delivery system We produced huge contents delivery system for Japanese telecommunication company.This system is a huge system that manages the music of more than 30 million songs or videos.
Application software marketplace We produced the "Cable market" that is marketplace system for CATV-STB. The "Cable market" is our first Saas project.